March, 2016

Patents Filed

Surgical Robot, Canadian Patent Application No. 2,920,163.

Surgical Robot, Indian Patent Application No. 201624004629.

Surgical Robot, Chinese Patent Application No. 201610086134.9.

Surgical Robot, Chinese Utility Model Application No. 201620121068.X.

Surgical Robot, Korean Patent Application No. 10-2016-0015422.

MRI Compatible Robot with Calibration Phantom and Phantom, Chinese Divisional Patent Application No. 201610085457.6.


February, 2016

Patent Issued

Mobile Robot with Manipulator Arm Traction Device, Chinese Patent No. ZL 201180014053.3.



January, 2016

Dr. Goldenberg awarded the A.G.L. McNaughton Gold Medal by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Canada.

Congratulations to Dr. Goldenberg for being awarded the 2016 A.G.L. McNaughton Gold Medal by the IEEE Canada.

The award is the IEEE's highest honour, recognizing outstanding Canadian engineers for their exemplary contributions to the engineering profession.

Dr. Goldenberg will be presented with the medal at the IEEE Canada Awards Ceremony on May 17, 2016, at the Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Downtown Hotel, Vancouver, BC.

Patent Granted

Manual Instrumented Medical Tool System, Australian Patent No. 2010292934.

Patent Filed

Dual Mode Mobile Robot, Chinese Patent No. 201510459496.3.


December, 2015

Patents Granted

MRI Compatible Robot with Calibration Phantom and Phantom, Chinese Patent No. 2015112400118900.

Manual Instrumented Medical Tool System, Chinese Patent No. 2015111300130560.

Patent Filed

Dual Mode Vehicle, United States Patent Application No. 14/958,629.

New Job Posting

ESI is currently seeking more Engineers (Mechanical, Electrical and Software). Please see the careers page for details.



November, 2015

ESI, a division of ANZER Intelligent Engineering Company Ltd. has participated at ANZER ROBOT EXHIBITION (EXPO) in Shenzhen Nov 15-30.

The picture below shows the opening ceremony of the EXPO.

Anzer robot exhibition

As many as nine key personnel from ESI were present at the EXPO to engage the visitors in discussions about the robots presented: Mobile Robots - MR-5, MR-7, TRACKER, MRPTA, MRPS; and Personal Robots – UMEBOT.

The EXPO has been featured on several print media and local TV including interviews with Dr. Goldenberg and senior ANZER executives.

A conference ‘FORUM ON ROBOTICS’ was also held on Nov 17 where Dr. Goldenberg presented a key note speech on “Business with Robotic Technology“. 

The EXPO and FORUM were very well received by the visiting dignitaries from central and local governments, as well as by visiting leading companies.

WRC 2015

Between Nov 23-25 ANZER participated at the WORLD ROBOT CONFERENCE (WRC) in Beijing where Dr. Goldenberg spoke on “Evolution of Robotic Technology and Business“ (pictured above).  Dr. Goldenberg has been featured on national TV interviews.



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