August, 2012

Delivery of Planetary Medium Manipulator Prototype (PMM) to Canadian Space Agency

ESI has completed the development of the Planetary Medium Manipulator Prototype (PMM) for space exploration (lunar and Mars). The equipment was delivered to the Canadian Space Agency in August 2012.

Patent filed

Modular Mobile Robot, US Patent Application No. 13/560,692 , filed Jul/12.

ESI is now a member of Canada China Business Council

The Canada China Business Council (CCBC) is the country’s Canada-China bilateral trade and investment facilitator, catalyst and advocate. Founded in 1978 as a private, not-for-profit business association, CCBC provides unparalleled insight into Sino-Canadian trade and investment issues and develops connections that ensure its members’ business success. In addition to its focused and practical services, the Council is also the voice of the Canadian business community on issues affecting Sino-Canadian trade and investment.