February, 2017

Patents Issued

Mobile Robot, Canadian Patent No. 2,787,136.

Robotic Arm, United States Continuation Patent No. 9,481,096.

Surgical Robot, Chinese Utility Model Patent No. ZL 201620121068.X.


January, 2017

Patents Granted

Manual Instrumented Medical Tool System, Korean Patent No. 2012-7008152.

Dual Mode Vehicle, United States Patent No. 14/958,629.

Patent Published

Dual Mode Mobile Robot, Hong Kong Patent Application No. 16105176.7.

Patents Filed

MRI Compatible Robot with Calibration Phantom, Hong Kong Patent Application No. 16114553.2.

Method and Device for Replicating Arrays of Cell Colonies, Canadian Divisional Patent Application No. 2,955,669.

Two Joint Module, Chinese Divisional Patent Application No. 201611244369.2.


November, 2016

Patent Issued

Robotic Arm, US Continuation Patent No. 9,481,096.

Patent Filed

Dual Mode Vehicle, Canadian Patent Application.


December, 2016

Mobile Robots

ESI is participating in demonstrations in India for a large order of Mobile Robots. ANZER/Shenzhen and ESI are developing patrolling robots for security.

Robot Arms

IRA-15 Collaborative Robot is nearly ready for launching.

Custom Robots

Two systems are in advanced design phases for customers in China. The ESI team has recently met with the customers in China.

Personal Robots

Three prototypes/applications are being tested in China. The ESI team is in China to support the testing.

Medical Robots

Personnel from Toronto's The Hospital for Sick Children (collaborator of ESI in Medical Robots) met with Anzer/ESI in Shenzhen to discuss plans for co-development work and testing of surgical robots.

Patents Filed

Dual Mode Vehicle, Australian Patent Application No. 2016259305.

Dual Mode Vehicle, Indian Patent Application No. 201624040571.

Dual Mode Vehicle, European Patent Application No. 16201709.9.

Dual Mode Vehicle, Chinese Patent Application No. 201611088711.4.

Dual Mode Vehicle, Chinese Utility Patent Application No. 201621299224.8.

Dual Mode Vehicle, Hong Kong Utility Patent Application No. 16113653.3.


On Friday Dec 9, ESI has celebrated the Season’s Holidays with a Luncheon at the Plaza Hotel attended by all employees. It was a remarkable event, joyful and timely for socializing and talking about the bright future of ANZER/ESI.

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October, 2016

Patent Granted

Surgical Robot, Chinese Utility Model Patent No. 201620121068.X.

Patents Electronically Published

Surgical Robot, Japanese Patent Application No. 2016-023333.
Surgical Robot, US Patent Application No. 14/619,978.





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