Mobile Robots are navigating platforms using various means of locomotion. Mobile Robots are not fixed to one physical location. Mobile robots have embedded power, communication and control intelligence. Mobile Robots are controlled remotely wireless or by cable; they can also move autonomously.

Mobile Robot platforms carry payloads such as robot arms, tools, sensors that are used to effect useful operations.

Mobile Robot of ESI are a series of  products based on various locomotion technologies. Advantages of ESI products are:

-  Products cover large, medium, and small sizes
-  Products can emulate competitors' products functionality
-  Products have high performance Mobility, Control, and Payload Interfaces
-  Products have modular structure
-  Products provide interchangeability of modules to suit small, medium and large platforms
-  Products can be used as generic platforms for a wide variety of applications 





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Robot Arms are jointed, gripper or tool-mounted, and controlled by remote control or in automatic closed loop mode. The control is based on real-time sensing of the robot arm operation either of the interaction with the environment or of internal parameters of the systems.

Robot Arms are used for specialized applications in harsh environments such as space; in routine manufacturing operations (industrial robots); mounted on mobile platforms; or as part of custom robots.

Robot Arms can be fitted with end effectors that can be ordinary grippers or dexterous hands to effect useful tasks. The arms and grippers can be used for a wide range of payloads with limited or advanced dexterity. Robot arms can be either stationary or mounted on mobile platforms. 

Robot Arms of ESI are a series of products  for a wide range of applications: planetary, manufacturing, mobile platforms, custom robots, and novel personal robots.

Advantages of ESI products are:

-  Products cover a wide range of applications: from general (manufacturing) to high-risk (planetary)
-  Products are superior due to special features (modularity, high payload-to-mass ratio)


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Custom Robots are systems with significant number of degrees of freedom, interfaces for sensors, grippers, controllers and other auxiliary elements to allow complete automatic operation with only human supervision.

Custom Robots applications range from manufacturing to service and healthcare. Custom robots are designed and integrated for unique applications; however, their subsystems can be transported to new applications.

Custom Robots of ESI have the following features:

- System Design based on unique features, state-of-the-art components, and advanced system and software architectures.

- System Integration performed with expert technological know-how and experience with a wide variety of applications in diverse industries.

- System Reliability is warranted by complete in-house design, assembly and testing of custom sub-assemblies complemented by extensive bench and on-site testing and user training.  




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Medical Robots are classified by their use in healthcare procedures.

Medical Robots for Surgery are remote controlled robots that can augment the capability of the health provider by providing benefits in terms of length of patient recovery, minimal invasion of the human body, and higher accuracy.

Medical Robots for Surgery are operating based on  advanced imaging techniques such as MRI, CT, and Ultrasound to allow interventions to be conducted with minimal invasion.

Medical Robots for Surgery of ESI - some being developed currently - have the following key features:

-  Products cover applications of surgery inside the MRI bore: Prostate, Brain, Bone, Endo-vascular   
-  Products are adaptable to other organs or glands
-  Products are MRI-compatible for effective imaging with reduced magnetic interference
-  Products have compact structure
-  Products are modular to allow surgical tools for various interventions to be mounted on the robots





Personal Robots coming soon.




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