Robot Arms are jointed, gripper or tool-mounted, and controlled by remote control or in automatic closed loop mode. The control is based on real-time sensing of the robot arm operation either of the interaction with the environment or of internal parameters of the systems.

Robot Arms are used for specialized applications in harsh environments such as space; in routine manufacturing operations (industrial robots); mounted on mobile platforms; or as part of custom robots.

Robot Arms can be fitted with end effectors that can be ordinary grippers or dexterous hands to effect useful tasks. The arms and grippers can be used for a wide range of payloads with limited or advanced dexterity. Robot arms can be either stationary or mounted on mobile platforms. 

Robot Arms of ESI are a series of products  for a wide range of applications: planetary, manufacturing, mobile platforms, custom robots, and novel personal robots.

Advantages of ESI products are:

-  Products cover a wide range of applications: from general (manufacturing) to high-risk (planetary)
-  Products are superior due to special features (modularity, high payload-to-mass ratio)