SMA - An arm suitable for mobile platforms with remote control and autonomous motion, indoor/outdoor task, EMC environments, and visual servo applications

SMA - An arm that can be used effectively in manufacturing, robotic-based custom automation, service robots, and research & development

SMA - A modular arm, light weight, high payload-to-weight ratio manipulator with advanced control system including force control, visual servo control, and open software architecture.

SMA - Manipulator: The Manipulator consists of five joint modules (four single-joint modules and one double-joint module), one link module, payload interface module, and avionics module. The arm has five rotary and one linear joint. The double-joint module is the wrist; it increases the structural stiffness while reducing the mass of the wrist. 

SMAA long reach, high accuracy arms with force, visual servo and other advanced control features, employing open software architecture.