PMM - An arm suitable to be mounted on mobile platforms under Remote Control and Autonomous Motion; operating in EMC Environments, and used for Indoor & Outdoor Tasks.

PMM - An arm that can be used effectively in security and defense applications mounted on mobile platforms, in manufacturing, robotic-based custom automation, service robots, and research.

PMM - An advanced arm made up of eight modules: Turret, Shoulder, Upper Arm, Elbow, Lower Arm, Wrist, Automatic End Effector Exchanger (AEEE) and Avionics. The turret provides azimuth motion, while the shoulder, elbow and wrist each provide pitch and roll. The AEEE interface is used to load autonomously tools and other payloads onto the arm. 

PMM - Each module is a complete mechatronics set with integrated mechanical and electronics components. The modular design provides for quick assembling, re-configuring, troubleshooting, and maintenance.Joint modules are: one single-DOF module (turret), and three two-DOF modules (shoulder, elbow, and wrist). The link modules consist of upper arm link module and lower arm link module.

PMM - A long reach, high accuracy arms with force, visual servo and other advanced control features, employing open software architecture.