A series of industrial robots for typical manufacturing processes is available at ESI.

Information is available upon request.


There are three types of Industrial Robots:


Articulated Arms                     Scara Arms                              Gantry Arms


Products Applications            Product Applications            Product Applications

Manufacturing                                       Electronics Assembly                         Laboratory Automation

Material Handling                                Material Handling

Nuclear Plants                                        Laboratory Automation

Meat Processing


Features                                      Features                                     Features

High Precision                                         Modular                                                    High Precision

High Speed

Force Feedback

Sensor Fusion








SMA - An arm suitable for mobile platforms with remote control and autonomous motion, indoor/outdoor task, EMC environments, and visual servo applications

SMA - An arm that can be used effectively in manufacturing, robotic-based custom automation, service robots, and research & development

SMA - A modular arm, light weight, high payload-to-weight ratio manipulator with advanced control system including force control, visual servo control, and open software architecture.

SMA - Manipulator: The Manipulator consists of five joint modules (four single-joint modules and one double-joint module), one link module, payload interface module, and avionics module. The arm has five rotary and one linear joint. The double-joint module is the wrist; it increases the structural stiffness while reducing the mass of the wrist. 

SMAA long reach, high accuracy arms with force, visual servo and other advanced control features, employing open software architecture.








PMM - An arm suitable to be mounted on mobile platforms under Remote Control and Autonomous Motion; operating in EMC Environments, and used for Indoor & Outdoor Tasks.

PMM - An arm that can be used effectively in security and defense applications mounted on mobile platforms, in manufacturing, robotic-based custom automation, service robots, and research.

PMM - An advanced arm made up of eight modules: Turret, Shoulder, Upper Arm, Elbow, Lower Arm, Wrist, Automatic End Effector Exchanger (AEEE) and Avionics. The turret provides azimuth motion, while the shoulder, elbow and wrist each provide pitch and roll. The AEEE interface is used to load autonomously tools and other payloads onto the arm. 

PMM - Each module is a complete mechatronics set with integrated mechanical and electronics components. The modular design provides for quick assembling, re-configuring, troubleshooting, and maintenance.Joint modules are: one single-DOF module (turret), and three two-DOF modules (shoulder, elbow, and wrist). The link modules consist of upper arm link module and lower arm link module.

PMM - A long reach, high accuracy arms with force, visual servo and other advanced control features, employing open software architecture.


















Manipulators for Mobile Robots are originated in the Mobile Robot systems of ESI:

Large Arm:                                          arm of MR-5








Medium Arm:                                       arm of MR-7                                                                                          








 Medium Arm:                                        arm of TRACKER                                          

 ESI also has a 10 Kg weight and 6 Kg payload arm, 125 cm long,  6-joint, as an alternative to the TRACKER arm.








ESI can also custom-manufacture manipulators for Mobile Robots other than those of ESI.







Two series of modular joints robots are available. 

Modular Robots Based on Single Joint Modules 

MRJ - Modular joint constituting the basis of the MRR series of modular and re-configurable robots assembled out of single joint and link modules in various configurations. The modules are easily integrated into configurations that could fit various task requirements. MRR are open-architecture robots, suitable for R&D in robotics. ESI offers single joint and link modules, as well as complete robots.

R-MRJ and E-RMJ - Other modular joint architectures of single-joint modules for modular arms. Additional information is available.

 Modular Robots based on Two-Joint Modules

The joints of PMM and SMA - ESI's Advanced Robot Arms - can be integrated into low-weight, high payload, long reach, high accuracy arms with advanced control features, with open software architecture. Additional information is available.


RT-1 - Pair of Modular Robots

Many industrial applications that rely on robotic assistance require different tasks to be intermittently performed. This need is not met by existing industrial robots due to their fixed structure and configuration, which preclude convenient transition of the robot from one task to another.

RT-1 - A modular and re-configurable robot with modular joints that can be connected to yield various configurations for a great variety of industrial tasks.

RT-1 - A modular and re-configurable robot comprising of at least a pair of cooperating robot manipulators, each having several modular rotary joints. The two manipulators mimic human arms in a dual arm configuration for dexterous manipulation. Each manipulator may be disassembled and reassembled to assume a multitude of configurations.

RT-1 - A modular and re-configurable robot that can be used in the automation of complex tasks that require multiple manipulators.