Terrain Mapping and In-ground Mine Detection

MR-2 - A Terrain Mapping and In-ground Mine Detection mobile platform fitted with hardware and software for sensory data fusion to detect in-ground mines and explosives.

MR-2- A Terrain Mapping and in-ground Mine Detection mobile platform that uses fusion of laser and ultrasonic sensors to map the terrain where in-ground mines may be buried. The robot is remote-controlled, and the scanning of the ground is automatic.

MR-2 - A terrain-scanning robot that consists of two articulated arms mounted on an off-road remotely operated vehicle. One arm carries a laser and four ultrasonic rangefinders to build a terrain map. The map is used in real time to generate an obstacle-free path for the second arm that manipulates the landmine detector autonomously. The arms are mounted on the vehicle that is controlled by an operator from a safe distance. Motion planning and control of the robot is carried out using an embedded computer that is linked to a host computer to transmit the detector data and operator commands.