For Any Rover Application

LMA-BOT - A Small and light weight mobile platform

  • Can be adapted to mount, carry and operate various payloads
  • Excellent climbing ability and navigation over uneven terrain
  • Motion on tracks or wheels
  • Modular system
  • Ability to re-position in-flight the center of gravity for stability 

LMA-BOT - A robust platform with cameras, operator control station, communication links, and a variety of operational tools and accessories.  

LMA-BOT - A terrain-adaptable and man-portable mobile robot suitable for traveling over a variety of rough and unpredictable surfaces such as stairways, slopes and ditches.  User-controlled active terrain adaptability of the vehicle is performed with a variable track configuration that can be changed to suit real-time surface conditions. 

LMA-BOT - A mission-configurable robot for mobile robotics that supports a wide range of payloads: PTZ camera, CBRNE sensors, Disrupter or X-ray unit, and Manipulator. 

LMA-BOT - An all-weather, all-terrain and waterproof mobile robot for indoor and outdoor environments.