Applications in Defense, Law Enforcement, Civilian Security

TRACKER - A medium-to-small size mobile robot

  • Excellent climbing ability and navigation over uneven terrain
  • Motion on wheels or tracks
  • Modular system
  • Ability to reposition the center of gravity for stability
  • Can be fitted with custom tools and payloads

TRACKER - A mobile robot that has the ability to re-position its center of gravity on the fly, providing increased stability when ascending or descending stairs, slopes, scaling obstacles, or crossing difficult terrain.

TRACKER - A mobile robot consisting of a tracked or wheeled platform, manipulator arm with up to six joints plus a gripper, communication links, operator control unit, and accessories.

TRACKER - A modular system. Modules can be used for different sizes of TRACKER.

TRACKER - A mobile robot with Operator Control Unit that has graphical display on the console showing the in real time the current configuration of the robot, tracks, and arm. 

TRACKER - An all-weather, all-terrain, waterproof for indoor and outdoor environments.