Applications in Defense, Law Enforcement, Civilian Security


MR-7 - A medium-size and narrow body mobile robot suitable for moving through aisles of aircraft, buses, trains

  • Simple to operate
  • Low cost maintenance
  • Can be fitted with custom arms, accessories and mission payloads

MR-7 - A mobile robot consisting of a tracked platform, a manipulator arm with up to five joints plus a gripper, communication links, operator control unit, and accessories.

MR-7 - A mobile robot with narrow body specifically tailored for the constraints of some indoor operational use. The distinctive frame enables it to access hard to reach areas in airplanes, subways, buses, buildings, homes, airports, and train stations.

MR-7 - A mobile robot that can provide effective support to EOD, IED, SWAT, CBRNE and HAZMAT personnel. It can be used for surveillance, reconnaissance, and handling of hazardous items.

MR-7 - An all-weather all-terrain mobile robot for indoor and outdoor environments.