PG1 - Pneumatic Bellow-Based Gripper

PG1 - A robot compliant gripper end-effector to pick up and insert odd electronic components that are presented either misaligned or disoriented.

PG1 - A robot gripper that It consist of three modules:

-  End-Gripper opens to hold and close to release the work-piece using a pair of custom-made work-piece jaws that fit manually into the gripper

-  End-Cap opens to accommodate and close to affix the work-piece misalignment and disorientation

-  Air-Cushion Damper that is either active or passive to provide a damping effect

PG1 - Robot gripper operation sequence is as follows:

- Robot carrying the gripper approaches the work-piece

- End-Gripper and End-Cap are in open positions
- If the work-piece is misaligned and/or disoriented, the End-Cap adjusts itself to the work-piece
- End-Gripper closes to grasp the work-piece
- End-Cap closes to affix the work-piece in the gripper
- Robot moves to the desired position to perform the insertion