ATCA - Automatic Tire Case Analyzer

ATCA - A robot system used for a nondestructive, simple way to inspect tires and tire casings for flaws. Good casings are presently being discarded, causing a detrimental effect on the environment. Furthermore, tires are often prepared for retreading only to discover that the casing has major irreparable flaws.

ATCA - A robot system that eliminate these problems resulting in significant economic benefits.

ATCA - A robot system that employs an intelligent controller based on two robotic systems that carry 28 ultrasonic sensors. The controller provides autonomous positioning and guidance of the sensors which are manoeuvered within a tested tire by a very compact foldable robot. The array of sensors conforms to the shape of the specific tire loaded. Based on the ultrasonic signal, the sensors detect the defects in the tire. An intelligent algorithm has been developed to evaluate the defects, classify them according to size, shape and severity. The defect is then graphically displayed on a computer screen to enable further inspection. Paint markers are applied to the tire at the location of the defect.

ATCA - A robot manipulator and sensory arrays specifically designed to handle a variety of small and large tires. A sensor protection mechanism prevents damage of delicate sensor arrays from nails that may have penetrated into the tire walls. Special material is used to achieve quality ultrasonic inspection.