TJ1 - Hydraulic Remote Manipulator

TJ1 - A robot arm used for tree trimming in the vicinity of live electrical distribution lines. A job proven to be dangerous for workers. In response to concerns of worker safety,

TJ1 - A remote master-slave hydraulic manipulator used for relocating workers away from hazardous tasks. An assortment of hydraulic tools can be attached to the slave to enable its use in a variety of high risk tasks.

TJ1 - A 6 degree-of-freedom hydraulic arm - the slave, and a 5 degree-of-freedom electric arm - the master. The master is instrumented to provide the operator with torque feedback with respect to two axes of rotation. This allows the operator to feel the contact forces and moments in and about certain directions. Such capability can be extended to a complete six degrees of freedom. The communication between master and slave is via fibre-optic cable.