AARM - Robot for Operations in Nuclear Reactors

Use of robotics-based automation in the nuclear industry is a reliable and proven technology that has two distinct benefits. The first and most important benefit is that using robots and robotic tools for routine or extraordinary operations in a nuclear facility limits the exposure of personnel to radiation. 

The second benefit is the overall reduction in operating cost and increase in productivity and reliability that are associated with robotics in this industrial sector.

At the core of a CANDU nuclear reactor is the Calandria vessel. It contains a network of horizontal tubes for fueling the reactor.

After several decades of service these fueling tubes must be replaced in a process known as “re-tubing” of the reactor. It is of outmost importance that during this operation no debris or foreign matters remain inside the Calandria.

AARM - A robot arm and other custom systems supplied to be used to inspect the interior of nuclear reactor core.

AARM - A robot for such operations with the ability to pick up and remove any debris.

AARM - A robot inserted during a retrofit of a reactor through a lattice sleeve tube in the shielding wall of the reactor after the fueling and pressure tubes have been removed to perform inspection and repairs.                                                                  












CISBOTS - Robots for Internal Service of Gas Pipes

ESI provides custom-made robots for inspection and internal repair of 6" - 12" and 12" - 36" diameter cast iron natural gas mains.

CISBOTS - Robotic systems used to internally seal bell-and-spigot type joints by injecting liquid anaerobic sealant into the jute packing of the joint. Anaerobic injection is used to seal the joints. The internal joint sealing systems have proven to be an effective method of sealing of the joints.

CISBOTS - Robotic system uses anaerobic sealant injection for repairing leaking joints, or as a preventive measure. Plastic gasket formed inside the joint cavity by the cured sealant is a more effective and durable seal than the original lead seal.


KEYHOLE - Robots for External Service of Gas Pipes

KEYHOLE - Custom robotic tools for maintenance and repair of underground gas pipes by remote control.

KEYHOLE - Tools operated from above ground through a small opening in the ground (keyhole technology).













HTBP - High-throughput Bio-assay Processor

HTBP -  A turnkey robot system for bioassay sample preparation, handling and analysis for laboratory and industrial use.

HTBP - A robot system that takes a very small quantity of the sample from a container, puts it into a sample vial, adds reagents, caps and seals the vial, mixes it, and places it into a cassette for analysis. More than 500 samples per day can be processed.


HDR - High Density Colony Replicator

HDR - A robot-attachable  and dispensable, very high density bio-sample array replicator for colony picking.



AS - Auto-Sampler for Mass Spectrometer

AS - A robot and method for very low-loss automatic injection of samples into the mass spectrometer column.