ESI is a Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics (fusion of mechanical, electronics and software) product and technology developer. ESI focuses on a number of sectors: space, defense, law enforcement, security, medical surgery, manufacturing, nuclear, and utilities (gas). ESI is also developing leading edge new technology in new areas such as smart and composite materials and miniature multi-gas sensors.

ESI is specialized in the development and design of prototypes and products. The company manufactures prototypes, extends the prototype development to products, and provides related services under contract. ESI’s emphasis on modularity, mobility and intelligent design allows it to create highly flexible and adaptable solutions that can be easily and rapidly re-configured to meet the needs of new applications.

ESI is involved in five major markets: Mobile Robotics, Robot Arms, Custom Robotics, Medical Robotics, and Information Systems. In each market ESI has been developing technology and embodiments in products. The products are manufactured in single or multiple units as the demand requires. The products are provided with warranty and extended service contracts.