ESI has extensive and proven capability in program management, business development, systems engineering, hardware and software development, systems integration and testing, and ongoing support services allowing ESI to offer customers complete systems and services that meet their most demanding operational requirements.

The trust of ESI's work includes system concepts, synthesis, modeling, analysis, detailed design, manufacturing, integration, and testing.

ESI has strong expertise in design of robotic, automation and mechatronics systems for use in environments where traditional systems are not suitable or are not available.

Supported by a wide range of applications that ESI has developed, the company has the proven experience to deliver advanced solutions for demanding operational environments spanning markets as diverse as neutralization of explosives, unmanned space exploration, robotic surgery, repair of underground gas pipes, repair of nuclear reactor installations, support for jet fighter pilots, blast analysis and damage estimation.

Notable projects include:
•    Long-reach manipulator for inspection of structural supports of nuclear reactors
•    Robot for debris retrieval from within vessels of nuclear reactor
•    Robotics for underground live gas pipe inspection and repair
•    Robot for grading of hogs
•    Robot for manufacturing of large telescope mirrors for defense and space research
•    MRI-guided robot for prostate surgery
•    Robot for general surgery
•    Micro-robot for neurosurgery
•    Mobile robots for police and military for EOD and HAZMAT handling 
•    Mobile robot for space exploration projects 
•    Mobile robot for private security
•    Robot arms for space exploration projects
•    Robots for welding and painting in manufacturing
•    Estimation of damage from blasts
•    Jet pilot Anti-G device