Mobile Robots consist of a wheeled/tracked platform, cameras and other sensors, a manipulator arm with a gripper, a second manipulator for handling cameras or accessories, wireless and cable communication link, operator control unit, and application accessories.

Mobile Robots of ESI are currently offered to the police, military, security, and space sectors. Products are deployed in several countries around the world. They are used for reconnaissance, surveillance, exploration, explosives and ordnance disposal (EOD), explosive and ordnance removal (EOR), improvised explosive devices (IED), SWAT, and hazardous materials (HAZMAT) handling. The products are either tele-operated or autonomous.

Mobile Robot of ESI have the following main features:

- Enhanced maneuverability over a variety of uneven and unpredictable terrains

- Adaptable to different terrains and capable of stable traveling over a variety of obstacles and climbing stairs  

- On-flight track re-configurability through user-controlled track adaptability for any terrain to suit surface conditions and slopes

- System modularity for quick in-field reconfiguration to different locomotion modes, track or wheel, with or without flipper, to meet the requirements of all types of missions

- Interchangeability of modules to suit small, medium and large platforms; modules fit all sizes of platforms; great product manufacturing and repair and maintenance advantage

- Advanced Operator Control Unit (OCU) can control one mobile robot, a number of similar robots, or different robots made by ESI. The OCU has an embedded graphical interface for 3D real-time display; it provides touch screen control and programming of the joysticks, and continuous real time view of the mobile platform and arm configurations from any desired           viewing angle (front, side, top down)

- Autonomous Navigation based on perception of scenery, path planning, and obstacle avoidance for execution of motion based on complete autonomy (only on MRPTA)

- Emulation of most competitors’ products