Medical Robots for Surgery are systems for navigating trocar-mounted surgical tools by remote or direct manual control. Systems consist of jointed robot, robot-mounted surgical tools, hand controller for navigating the surgical tools by remote control with haptics, and imaging systems for guiding and monitoring the progress of surgery.

ESI's Medical Robots for Surgery have the following features:

-  Products cover applications of surgery inside the MRI bore: Prostate, Brain, Bone, Endo-  vascular 
-  Products are MRI-compatibility for effective imaging with reduced magnetic interference
-  Products provide MR Compatibility, Image Guided Control, and Remote Haptic Control
-  Products use light and compact ultrasonic motors as actuators near the centre of the MRI
-  Products are instrumented with sensors and markers for graphical display of tool tip and target
-  Products provide high dexterity for manual positioning and orienting of the surgical tools
-  Products include embedded software for in-flight graphical display and ‘best surgical path’ 
-  Products provide real time imaging of surgery progress for minimal collateral damage