Advanced, Mobile, Modular, Industrial Robot Arms are offered

Advanced Manipulators: Superior technology with features unmatched by commercial robots. The robots consist of serially-connected single- and double-joint modules. They provide advanced control options including force, vision servo, adaptive, and autonomous control. They have high payload-to-weight ratio.


Manipulators for Mobile Robots: Three classes of manipulators for small, medium, and large size mobile platforms are available. The arms are teleoperated, programmable for autonomous operation, have joint and task space control and other relevant features. The manipulators are detachable from the mobile platforms and can be used as stand-alone teleoperated arms.


Modular Robots: Robots assembled from single- and double-joint modules for use in high-speed repetitive and dexterous operations. Several generations of single- and double-joint modules are available.


Industrial Robots: Robots used in manufacturing operations such as welding, painting and assembly.


Current domains of application are:

  • Advanced Manipulators for Planetary Exploration
  • Manipulators for Mobile Platforms
  • Modular Robots for Research and DEvelopment
  • Industrial Robots for Manufacturing Operations
  • Personal Assistant Robot


ESI's Robot Arms are ideally suited for use in the following sectors: Manufacturing, Utilities, Nuclear, Defense, Mobile Robots, Space Exploration, and Academic Research