Custom Robotics are offered

Current domains of application are:

  • Robotics for Inspection and Repairs of Nuclear Reactors: 

Custom-designed systems consisting of a main long-reach manipulator with attached sensors and tools possibly mounted on a mobile platform for execution of operations in nuclear reactors during shut-downs of the reactors.

  • Robotics for Laboratory Automation:

Turn-key systems that perform fully automatic operations involving biological samples detection of doses that are indicating work place hazards and other health-care concerns, and for repetitive and large scale research experiments (Genomics and Proteomics).

  • Robotics for Maintenance and Repair of Underground Gas Pipes.

Teleoperated systems that travel inside along live gas pipes to detect and seal leakages at the joints connecting segments of the pipe. A key-hole technology set of robotic tools are also available for repair on the exterior of the pipes.


Systems have been used in the following industries

  • Manufacturing

  • Utilities

  • Nuclear

  • Laboratory Automation

  • Defense

  • Meat Processing

  • Tire Recycling