ESI has been involved over the years in many diverse industrial and business sectors related to Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics (RAM).

ESI has been able to develop prototypes in distinct sectors by engaging the users’ community in the development and by integrating ESI expertise with the know-how of the users. This is the key factor in the success of ESI, and is an integral part of ESI's business model.

ESI has strong expertise and experience in designing RAM systems for use in applications and environments where traditional RAM systems are not suitable.

ESI's notable products include: Long-reach manipulator for inspection of structural supports of nuclear reactors, Robotics for underground live gas pipe inspection and repair, Robot for debris retrieval within calandria vessels of nuclear reactor, Robot systems for manufacturing of large telescope mirrors for defense and space research, MRI-guided surgical robots, Mobile robots for EOD, Mobile Robots for planetary exploration, and Robot Arms for planetary exploration.